Bitterroot Cutthroat
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During these uncertain times it can be difficult to see many positives to our situation. COVID-19 concerns and shelter-in-place recommendations seem to be consuming much of our waking hours. However, living in Missoula we’re very fortunate to be able to still get out and enjoy certain outdoor adventures. As mentioned in this Forbes article, we’re still able to hike, fish, and explore much of the public land and waters surrounding us.

I’ve had a wonderful time with my kids over the past month. Mara tied up some skwalas and we hit the Bitterroot to take advantage of less traffic on the river and some excellent fishing. We’ll certainly remember these days for a variety of reasons. Thanks Ben and Mara, I enjoy it every time we go out.



Clark Fork Fly Fishing
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Foot Doctors Strike Again

Corporate Groups Go Fly Fishing In Missoula

Another great year fly fishing Missoula with the Pennsylvania Podiatrists. Dr. Ed Hart and the crew from PA had good water, good tricos, no smoke, and the creation of the ‘Biohazard Bag’ this year. Many thanks for pulling it all together again Ed, sure enjoyed fishing with your son also! Keep up the good work for the Monocacy Chapter of Trout Unlimited

If you are interested in bringing your group to fly fish in Missoula, please contact us to make arrangements.


Clark Fork Fly Fishing

Corporate Groups Missoula Fly Fishing

Doubletree Hotel Missoula

Blackfoot River Montana
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Fishing Report: March 2018

The snow is melting and the warm temps are coming around. The fish are waking up hungry.